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Litchfield Dining Room Kent Library Redding Family Room Before Redding Family Room After Greenwich Guest House
Litchfield Dining Room Kent Library Redding Family Room Before Redding Family Room After Greenwich Guest House

Creating your own style

Decorating is a discipline, a refinement of design principles that can be used repeatedly from one room to the next. Style on the other hand, is a matter of preference and taste. Too many people searching for style fall in to the trap of trying to adopt someone else's look. I think it is much more important to find your own look, and bring in to your home things you love, to create an atmosphere that you and your family find comfortable. No-one can tell you how to infuse style in to a room, but by choosing the look you most identify with - whether it be English, contemporary, or cottage - is where and how to begin your decorating process.

First, consider your room, including walls and windows, as well as the views outside the windows, your floors, your furnishings. Take time to think about how you want your home, and gardens, to feel, the mood that you want to create. Are you a Traditional person who prefers formal beauty and elegant elements, or are you relaxed and comfortable person who prefers to plop down and get comfortable in any chair in your house?

People often ask me “Where do I begin”. I suggest looking through books and magazines to find pictures that inspire you. Save and study them, and use them as your guide in order to stay true to the look you desire .Then infuse your own style by adding accessories that reflect you and your families personalities.

If your project is more complex, enlist the help of a professional designer, someone who is trained and experienced in working with different styles and who can guide you in making the right decisions. This is especially important if you are building, as those initial design decisions will become the basis of creating a coherent and overall style for your home. A designer will extract the best of your hopes and ideas and bring them to the reality you envision.