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Perennial Gardens
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New Milford Perenial Gardens Perennial Gardens Before Perrenial Gardens After Westport Residence long view Westport Residence front view
New Milford Perennial Gardens Perennial Garden Construction Perennial Garden Completion
Westport Residence
Westport Residence

Integrating House & Garden

Your house is the focus of your garden. The doors of your house dictate starting points for paths or patios out in to your garden, physically and visually linking them, and literally beginning the design process. Each window is a vantage point from which to view your gardens, so those windows help determine the placement of features such as trees, shrubs and garden structures, such as fountains, arbors, gazebos, and even your swimming pool, or the fence to hide an unwanted view.

The shape and proportion of your house will provide the lines, shapes and proportions of your gardens. Good garden design results when the lines of the house relate to the lines of adjacent garden beds and lawn areas. Good landscape designers know that for you to enjoy your property to its fullest, it’s best to organize the outdoor spaces in ways that fulfill many of the needs as the rooms in a house.

And, as with interior spaces, the gardens should have areas for your family to relax, play, dine, cook and entertain. As you study your property, try to think of the space as rooms, the main difference being that the basic elements ---walls, floors and ceilings - are created by the placement of plants, and structures such as patios, walkways, arbors and fences. Then try to think of how those spaces should flow from inside your home through the doors to the outside.

These initial design decisions, in conjunction with other major elements of framework, existing mature trees, the neighbors’ house, as well as the relationship of your house to the street, can result in a coherent, overall landscape plan that seamlessly links house to garden, to provide the feeling that the house and garden belong to one another.